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Glenshane Resource Centre

16 Glenshane Lawns, Brookfield, Tallaght, Dublin, County Dublin, DUBLIN 24

Based in Glenshane in Brookfield and catering for the wider West-Tallaght population, Glenshane Resource Centre is a long-established community hub where local people and groups can meet and where important services and supports to the community are provided.

The Centre currently supports a vibrant local women’s group.  Space and resources for community activities, events and training are provided through the Centre and a bereavement counselling service is also available to the community. Local people can make photocopies, book meeting space, get information on public services or look up something on the computer.

Glenshane South Dublin County Partnership

Local people can

  • Make photocopies
  • Book meeting space,
  • Get information on public services or
  • Look up something on the computer.

There is an activation support scheme, TUS, run from the Centre which links unemployed people to work placements in the community

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