Welcome to the ROMA Wellbeing and Integration Project, an initiative led by the South Dublin County Partnership to empower and support the Roma community. Our mission is to promote the wellbeing, health, education, employment, and overall integration of the Roma community. A range of services and resources to enhance your quality of life are available. Explore the comprehensive supports available and embark on a journey of empowerment and engagement within your community.

Main supports provided include

  • Health Supports ( Linking with GPs, Referrals, Medical card applications)
  • Information provision on Vaccination options (Information on benefits of being vaccinated, how to access local vaccination centre, referrals to SafetyNet etc. )
  • Housing Supports (Support with HAP, social housing applications and Rent Supplement forms; Support with property search on Daft; dealing with landlords, in a case with RTB; referrals to Threshold and other relevant organisations)
  • Social Welfare Supports (Jobseekers Allowance, One Parent Family Payment, State Pension, Fuel Allowance, Disability Allowance, Back to School Clothing and Footwear applications, etc)
  • Educational Support (Referrals to educational courses, school enrolment, ECCE scheme referrals)
  • PPSN applications (Including support with creating MyGovId and email accounts for clients)
  • Employment (Support with CV writing, referrals to SDCP employment department)
  • Passport Applications (Support with first Irish passport applications; support with linking the client with the Romanian Consular services for Romanian passport renewals or travel passport )
  • Basic Needs supports (Support with basic needs, such as food parcels, buggies, clothes, nappies and baby food)

Roma Community Integration and Engagement

roma project
Wellbeing programmes, workshops and courses
Wellbeing and Health Promotion is another key objective of the project. Occasionally Health Talks, Information sessions, exercise mornings are organised with the Roma Community where they learn about various local supports as well as information on various health topics.
  • Wellbeing programmes: Healthy Food Made Easy – 8 Roma women took part in the this six-week programme where they had the opportunity to learn about healthy eating tips, cook and try healthier recipes.
  • Workshops and information sessions on employment and back to education opportunities.
  • Sewing Classes are taking place in Mountain Park Creative Centre for Learning, Tallaght on Tuesday mornings

For More Information

Roma Social Clinic (SDCP) and Roma GP Clinic (SafetyNet)

  • Roma social clinic is run on Wednesday mornings (9.30-13.00, Russell Building, D24 DH74) by SDCP to provide assistance with social welfare/housing supports.
  • Roma GP Clinic is run on Wednesdays (9.00-15.00, Russell Building, 3rd floor, D24 DH74) where members of the Roma community have access to a GP for medical related needs