Balgaddy Child and Family Centre

Balgaddy Child and Family Centre opened in 2013 and is managed by us at SDCP. The centre is located on Méile An Rí Road, Lucan, and is attached to the Startbright Early Learning Centre. We provide free services and support to children and families living in the area of Balgaddy, South County Dublin. The focus of our work is to alleviate social strain in the local community and strengthen and support family relationships to achieve the best possible outcomes for children and their families.  


Programmes subject to change, for the most up to date information contact the centre on (01)- 4577104!

Family Support Services  

  • 1-1 Family Support – This is a weekly confidential service where families can access appropriate information and support  
  • Parenting Programmes such as ParentsPlus, 4 The Family, The Mindful Family and more.
  • Family Morning – This is an interactive parent and toddler group that serves as an informal meeting where parents can socialize, support each other, and bring their small children with them
South Dublin County Partnership Balgaddy Child and Family Centre Newsletter January - April 2024

Programmes and Clubs (Adults) 

  • Parenting Programmes – The centre hosts a range of evidence-based parenting programmes, such as Parents Plus  
  • Healthy Food Made Easy – This is a 10-week programme that aims to shed light on food safety, nutrition, meal planning, budgeting, and cooking 
  • Baby Massage Classes – Baby massage classes are available to small groups where parents will learn massage techniques for calming and soothing their baby  
  • Women’s Group – The Women’s Group provides a fun and creative space to connect local women 
  • Gardening Group – Here at Balgaddy Child and Family centre we have a flourishing vegetable garden that is tended to by our gardening group. Together they grow flowers, fruit, and vegetables that benefit their families and the centre participants!  
Igniting Sparks Balgaddy Child Family Centre September 26th 2023

Programmes and Clubs (Children) 

  • Homework Club – The Balgaddy Homework club provides support to local 3rd and 4th class students who need support with homework completion 
  • Rainbows Group – This programme is led by a family support team and focuses on the challenges faced by young people  
  • Lego Club – The centre hosts numerous Lego clubs for 6-12 year olds, such as Lego Stop Motion Technology and Lego Stories  
  • Coding Club – Coding club is a programme for children aged 9-12 to learn coding practices and build on their confidence and self-esteem 
  • We Can Code – We Can Code is an inclusive coding club for children aged 10-12 with additional needs 
  • Igniting Sparks – A fun arts and crafts based programme to explore interests and hobbies

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