Participation, Empowerment and Collective Action

The Community Development Team seeks to build the capacity of Geographically disadvantaged communities in the South Dublin County area.

participation and being heard

Historically marginalized communities such:

  • Migrants
  • Refugees
  • Asylum seekers
  • Travellers and Roma
  • Disabled people
  • LGBTI+ communities
  • Older people etc

In order that they may participate meaningfully in the social, cultural, and political life of the community and work collectively towards social justice, equality and human rights.

We run training courses in areas such as

  • capacity building
  • governance
  • team building
  • and group dynamics targeted at local community development groups.

We promote the development of local social inclusion networks and supports the participation / representation of local community groups on such fora as well as established networks and decision-making structures.

participationa nd being heard training courses
Sustainable Development

We in association with other groups and agencies organize events and workshops that promote themes and address issues such as

  • participatory democracy
  • social inclusion
  • anti-racism and intercultural awareness
  • sustainable development
  • health inequality

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