Employment Liaison


Who We Are

The Employer Liaison team, Celine Blount & Levina Dixon, aims to bridge the gap between employers and jobseekers in the South Dublin County area. We work with over 500 employer partners in a variety of sectors to fill their employment needs​

Our Mission

Our community Engagement has attracted some big employer partners in 2022. Our Mission is to grow this database further into 2023

Our Vision

We strive to engage and support employers that champion people of all backgrounds and abilities into employment, to realise their full potential and live in thriving communities. Post Covid19, we are constantly thinking about new ways to create effective supports, services, programmes and communication across our communities and partner organisations by:
  • Building awareness of SICAP employment team internally and externally​
  • Identifying & attractting a diverse range of employers across all industry sectors​
  • Reducing employer hiring expenses​
  • Highlighting welfare supports available for business ​’s

How do we do this work?

  • Job Fairs​
  • Employer Workshops
  • Industry Talks​
  • Tailored Employment Weeks ​
  • Supported recruitment drives​
  • Work Experience Placements
  • 1-1 Employer Supports
  • Networking opportunities
  • Facilitation of interviews
  • Pre-employment candidate training & preparation

Work with employers

Are you a (local) employer and interested in supports to find or train the right people for your business?

We can help you with :

  • Selection
  • Training,
  • Organising work placements
  • Traineeships

Employment Liaison  can even taking on the complete recruitment process for you.

Contact us to find out more about our services for employers