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South Dublin County Partnership LAES is a new employment service funded by the Department of Social Protection working with long term unemployed clients farthest from the labour market with barriers to labour market participation.

People in receipt of Job-seekers payments are referred to the LAES by the Department of Social Protection and we work with each client to support and assist them into employment.   We deliver our LAES services in a friendly and supportive environment our LAES team will provide high-quality, personalised service to help each individual assisting them to get back into employment through one-to-one career guidance, information and training, education options and employment opportunities that best suit their needs.

The service covers Tallaght, Clondalkin, Lucan and some areas in Kildare and Wicklow. Our offices are open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and we are based in Brookfield, Tallaght Village, Rowlagh and Bawnogue and can provide outreach services in Blessington and Lucan

We offer a range of specialised services that are tailored to the needs of a jobseeker.

We can help with CVs, Job searching skills including

  • Online Job Applications.
  • Interview Skills

Provide access to services such as

SICAP & Industry certified employment training programmes such as:

  • Safe pass
  • Manual Handling
  • Computer Skills
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SDCP currently provides through our Core and Target Services, a high quality, localised and effective range of supports and training that will support jobseekers into employment. In engaging with us, you will have access to a wraparound service across all our programmes. This Service Statement sets out the level of service that you as a jobseeker can expect to receive, as well the requirements needed to meet while looking for employment. Our aim is to assist you as jobseeker to move from welfare to work.

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 At the 1 to 1 meeting the caseworker will:

  • Explain the role of Employment Services and what you can expect from the service.
  • Inform you of your responsibilities and obligations expected of you while on a Jobseeker’s payment.
  • Work with you to develop a Personal Progression Plan
  • Re-assess your needs if your circumstances change.
  • Identify your strengths and any barriers you may have to gaining employment.
  • Check that you have an up-to-date CV
  • Refer you to suitable jobs.
  • Treat you fairly and with respect.

We expect you to:

  • Complete all actions set out in your Personal Progression Plan
  • Take part in suitable education, training or development opportunities or certain employment programmes where applicable.
  • Apply for suitable job roles.
  • Attend all appointments with the service.
  • Contact the caseworker if you are unable to attend appointments.
  • Register with my Gov.ie and Jobs Ireland as part of your job-seeking efforts.
  • Notify the caseworker of any changes in your circumstances.
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We provide a service to existing employers and new employers by helping with recruitment, up-skilling, access to employer incentives and highly suitable applicants. Services are tailored to the needs of the employer and will be available free of charge and include:

  • Sourcing work ready job-seekers with the right skills and experience for the role
  • Opportunity to promote individual employer vacancies in SDCP’s weekly Jobs Ezine
  • Offering onsite and online employment workshops
  • Tailored recruitment drives (for companies with large recruitment needs)
  • Inclusion in Jobs Fairs, Open Days and in SDCP weekly Jobs Ezine Magazine
  • Linking employers to ETB with Skills to Advance (which aims to equip employees with the skills to progress in their current job or take advantage of new job opportunities)
  • Liaising with BITC (Business in the Community) Employment Initiatives for employers
  • Employer Information Pack to include:

Feedback is a really important way to improve service provision.

If you have attended any of our services we would love to hear from you

Complaints: We aim to deal with any concerns quickly and efficiently. If you feel we have not properly dealt with your problems or requests, you might want to make a formal complaint. A copy of our complaint’s procedure is displayed in all our offices and on our website www.sdcpartnership.ie


Providing feedback: You will be able to offer feedback on the service provided and areas for improvement/or consideration via phone, email or online.


Access to our service: Support will be provided in person 1 to 1 one meetings, via phone, and online. Our offices are disability friendly, wheelchair accessible and the location of offices are easily accessible on public transport.

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Meet the Local Area Employment Service (LAES) Team