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It doesn’t get any easier than this to find a job or know what’s going on!

Our weekly Jobs Ezine keeps you up to date with information about relevant training opportunities and job vacancies in the South Dublin area. You can sign up for our Jobs Ezine below – just fill in your email in the little white box, click on the orange button and we do the rest.

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What can you find in the Jobs EZine?

Our Jobs EZine has helped 1000s of people find a job or training opportunity

In the past year, the South Dublin County Partnership has served thousands of members of our community who are looking for new opportunities. Just take a look at how many people were able to find a job, start a business or pursue further education by clients engaging with our services:
Supported into Full & Part-time Jobs
Supported into Higher Education
Completed QQI Accredited Courses & Other Training
Given Business Start-Up Advice
Participating in TUS and CE Schemes

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