Get expert support for your social enterprise!

We can help grow your social enterprise no matter what stage you are in. Our Social Enterprise Development Officers can help to secure funding, reduce costs, improve governance, marketing, and more.

South Dublin social enterprises are solving problems that have plagued our communities. Without you, vital services would be lost so we are determined to improve social enterprise sustainability. Reach out to our Social Enterprise Development Officer to find out what we can do for you!

How can we help your Social Enterprise?

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Grant Funding Application Support

Cashflow is a common concern for non-profit businesses. We help you to identify and apply for the right funding streams.

Below are just a few of the potential financial supports we have helped other social enterprises achieve:

One-to-One Mentoring

Operating a non-profit enterprise can be intimidating especially as governance concerns continue coming to the fore.

We provide one-to-one mentoring so you are not alone in the struggle. With over 30 years of self-employed experience, Tom Coleman can help you to see a new perspective and overcome challenges. 

Touch base with Tom to discuss concerns, tackle problems and explore ideas. 

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Tailored Training Programmes

We organise training programmes to solve the biggest challenges facing your enterprise. Learn or sharpen critical skills to reach more people.

Although the highly successful SEED 2 programme has just finished, we are busy working on a multitude of training supports for local social enterprises. If your community organisation needs specialised training or mentoring, we can connect you with experts to solve your challenges.

Check Out Our SEED Regeneration Training Programme

We have just completed the SEED 2 (Social Enterprise Expansion and Development) Regeneration Programme. Collaborating with Southside, Waterford and Bray Area Partnership SEED 2 supported 58 social enterprises with 30 training workshops, 4 networking sessions and over 270 mentoring hours. If you are based in South Dublin and want similar supports for your organisation, reach out today!

What Other Options Do We Offer?

Start Your Own Business

If you are looking to develop a for-profit business, our Enterprise Officers provide an array of supports free of charge. Get help exploring your business idea from pre-start-up to launch from experts who have helped 100s of people on the start-up journey. 

Our Enterprise Team Offers You:

  • Start Your Own Business Course
  • Developing a Business plan
  • Application supports for Short Term and Back to Work Enterprise Allowance
  • One-to-one mentoring sessions
  • Networking with other Start-ups
Start your own business programme

Rejoining the Workforce

If you are not ready for social enterprise or self-employment, you have lots of options.

The South Dublin County Partnership has a variety of departments ready to help you find the training or job that suits. Upskill, retrain or find an opportunity that YOU want!

Reach out to one of our many departments below:

Contact the Social Enterprise Team