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HEADSup Pillars & Principles

HEADSUP is a group based education and support programme offering modules of evidence based mental health education, physical education, progression and positive social supports, whilst at the same time supporting individuals to avail of local supports and develop a life plan. The HEADSUP programme is delivered in line with National Policy, and Dublin South Kildare and West Wicklow Community Healthcare Connecting for Life and Health Ireland Plans.

What is the project about?

Heads Up is a free education, training, and support programme for men, with a focus on managing mental and physical wellbeing and planning for the future. In this successful programme we offer modules of evidence based mental health education, physical education, life planning and linking with positive social supports.

Who is the project for?

HeadsUp is free for men aged over 18 and living in South Dublin, who are seeking ways to feel better, and who are willing and able to attend on two mornings per week for twelve weeks.

What are the results?

Participants after the HeadsUp programme report:

  • An improvement in mental health.
  • A reduction in isolation from family and friends.
  • An increase in attendance in training post Heads Up.
  • A reduction in harmful behaviours.
  • Improvement in physical wellbeing and fitness due to changes in lifestyle.
  • A reduction in problematic alcohol or drug use.
Heads up Results - How does it help - South Dublin County Partnership

“Heads Up has given me a language to help describe how I feel. That has been great.I didn’t have that before and didn’t really know what was going on, and what to do.I feel much more in control.”

– HeadsUp participant – 

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Heads Up is a completely free program designed specifically for men, aimed at managing both mental and physical wellbeing while also providing support in planning for the future. Our successful program offers modules of evidence-based mental health education, physical education, life planning, and connecting with positive social supports. Join us today and take the first step towards a happier, healthier future!

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