Children aged 6-12 are at an important stage of development in their life. They begin valuing friendships and become more involved in creative and active activities. Here at SDCP we aim to offer high quality FREE recreational activities for 6-12 year old children in our communities. 

We currently offer:

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    To improve agility, flexibility, and confidence for girls

Gymnastics is a sport where flexibility, co-ordination, strength, balance, agility and endurance is required. It is a basis for all sports and teaches self-discipline, confidence, elegance, poise and team work. Gymnastics is a 6-week programme running 1 hour per week in January and September in Mountain Park, Tallaght

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    Star-Wars themed fitness training

Jedi Fitness was designed and developed by South Dublin County Partnership. At the core of the programme is the aim to ignite a love for being active in children at an early stage. Programme is for boys and girls aged 6-12 years old. Running 1 hour per week over 6 weeks in Brookfield Youth & Community Centre (Tallaght) and Rowlagh Community Centre (Clondalkin)

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    Fun children’s club teaches flexibility and relaxation.

Children are subject to stress and mental stress, which they often find difficult to cope with. Yoga will help children to calm the body, mind, and emotions. Programme last 6 weeks for 1 hour per week for boys and girls aged 9-12 yrs old. Classes are running in Mountain Park, Tallaght.

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    The Summer Camps program offers camps in Tallaght and Clondalkin for children aged 6-12 years old.

Looking for an exciting and active way to spend your summer? Join our Summer Camps program and experience a fun-filled adventure in Tallaght and Clondalkin! Perfect for 6-12 year olds, our program offers a range of exciting activities that will ignite your passion for being active and keep you entertained all summer long. Don’t miss out on the chance to make new friends and create unforgettable memories – join us now!

For more details and to know about upcoming programmes contact