6-12 Project 

Children aged 6-12 are at an important stage of development in their life. They begin valuing friendships and become more involved in creative and active activities. Here at SDCP we aim to offer high quality FREE recreational activities for 6-12 year old children in our communities. 

We currently offer: 

  • Jedi Fitness – a star-wars themed fitness class 
  • Gymnastics – to improve agility, flexibility and confidence for girls 
  • Lego Stop motion – to encourage children’s creativity by creating movies using Lego 
  • Yoga -a new club to teach children flexibility and relaxation techniques in a fun way 
  • Summer Camps – we aim to deliver a summer camp in Tallaght & Clondalkin for 6-12yr olds 

For more details and to know about upcoming programmes contact Angelika Jacak: angelika.jacak@sdcpartnership.ie or 0874594142 

Angelica Jacek

Support Worker KICK
Email: Angelika.Jacek@sdcpartnership.ie

Ph: 087-9808856