Parents are their child’s first educators. Here at South Dublin County Partnership, we believe in families learning together, nurturing family bonds and having fun! Our innovative FREE programmes teach families 21st century skills through the medium of Lego, STEAM and Coding.

We Currently Offer

Lego & Us

Lego&Us is a programme run in DEIS schools for children and their parents to learn together by participating in fun Lego challenges . This project promotes the importance of play and to help parents support their children’s development through fun & games. Family learning creates a positive attitude to learning, while also mirroring a positive attitude by the parent to the young person towards school and education by running the programme in the school setting. LEGO builds on young people’s teams work skills, communication skills, collaboration skills, constructive and problem-solving skills, adventure and experimental skills, fine motor skills development and helps with better focus, attention to detail and concentration.

Coding & us

Coding&US Coding is a skill that creates a set of instructions, for a computer to make a game. The benefit of coding is that it improves logic thinking and problem-solving abilities. Coding gives young people a creative outlet, helps develop new ways of thinking and opens the door to new career opportunities in the future. This programme is innovative as it brings parents and children together, allowing children to teach the new skills they have learned to their parents/guardians. Family learning creates a positive attitude to learning, improves the bonds within families and improves young people’s development.

We CAN Code

We CAN Code is a new inclusive coding programme for 9-12yr old children with additional needs run in Balgaddy child & Family centre. This group allows children to learn 21st century skills while giving them a safe space to socialise while meeting the needs of each individual, with great garden space connected to the room used allowing children movement breaks and a cosy corner to enjoy whilst in the room.

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