Tricks of the Trade – Maths for Apprenticeship’s Programme commences on July 22nd 2020. The programme is being delivered in partnership with jumpAgrade, Dublin South City Partnership and South Dublin County Partnership.

The purpose of the programme is to:

  • Prepare students to meet the requirements to be accepted into an apprenticeship role
  • Understand and apply maths in the work environment
  • Equip all participants for a wide range of apprenticeship programmes

The programme will cover both academic and practical supports including:

Live Maths Classes – Running once per week for a 12-week period delivered by expert jumpAgrade Maths Teacher

Career Preparation – C.V. updating, online information sessions on job searching, online interview skills

Career Conversations with industry professionals e.g. BAM Construction (Ireland’s leading construction company)

Manual Handling Certificate and Safe Pass Certificate (TBC) upon completion of the programme

The programme is valued at €500 but is being provided complimentary through Dublin South City Partnership and South Dublin County Partnership.

Study Skills Clinic. New course! We are offering a 6-week online study clinic for adults returning or currently in education. We have a great tutor on board who has lots of experience working with adult learners. We hope to start in August. More information soon! For more information please email