Freephone: 1800 938 884


Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm

Tús Care & Repair provides a free odd job service for people and organizations that are eligible within our local community

Tus care and repair programme

About The Care and Repair Team

  • The Care and Repair Team consists of Tús participants who have specifically volunteered for this role.
  • All team members are fully Garda Vetted.
  • Care and Repair works in team of 2- 3 persons under the supervision of SDCP Tús team leaders and management.
  • All staff carry I.D to identify themselves as members of the team

Examples of work we do:

  • Minor Gardening Jobs
  • Small Painting Jobs
  • Hanging Curtain Rails
  • Putting Up Shelves
  • Minor DIY Jobs

You are eligible if you are:

  • A resident in South Dublin County
  • A senior citizen referred from support worker/health service
  • A community or voluntary organization
  • You have a long- term illness or disabiliy

How It Works

Step 1

Contact the freephone number and describe the job that needs to be done

Step 2

A member of the  Care & repair team will visit you and assess the job

Step 3

A member of the  care and repair office will contact you with the start date

Step 4

A Care and Repair Team of two or more will carry out the job you have specified

Step 5

The care and repair team will give a customer service call on completion.

Step 6

When the demand for care and repair is high, waiting lists will apply

Bee Kind Project

Encouraging Bees into your Garden

Care & Repair invites you to participate in our ‘Bee Kind’ project.
You can come involved by adopting any of the methods listed below, to encourage bees in your garden.
Alternatively, subject to availability, care & repair can supply planted flower boxes. Free of Charge.
  • Bee friendly flowers- Dandelions, Daisies, etc. ( bees are especially drawn to blue, white, yellow and purple flowers)
  • Mowing Less from April until September is one of the best ways you can help pollinators. if you remove the grass clippings when you do mow, this slowly reduces the fertility of the soil, allowing native wildflowers to grow naturally.
  • Bee Boxes – Drinking water or sugar syrup ( one-to- one mixture of sugar and water provides the energy your bees need)