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About the Empowering Communities Programme

The empowering communities programme is a pilot programme targeting 15 geographic areas in the country, funded by the Department of Rural and Community Development. The Programme aims to empower local communities to craft their own response to area based poverty, social exclusion and the resulting consequences, with the support of the relevant Local Community Development Committee (LCDC)

South Dublin County Partnership through the LCDC has identified 3 areas as the focus for this programme of work: Quarryvale, Balgaddy and Rowlagh.

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Empowering Communities Programme Aims & Objectives

The goals of the ECP are:

  • To support a community development approach to area-based poverty and social exclusion
  • To build leadership within communities, supporting and enhancing collaboration between existing community structures to develop and help implement tailored community work responses to the specific challenges faced locally
  • To empower local communities to craft their own response to tackling community challenges

Get Involved

The Empowering Communities Programme is seeking volunteers of all ages for a variety of community projects in Balgaddy, Rowlagh and Quarryvale! If you’re interested in learning more click here to fill out an expression of interest form.

Empowering Communities Programme, volunteers wanted in North Clondalkin area

Empowering Communities Projects

  • Bike Project for families
  • Resourcing community led events
  • Door to door outreach and information
  • School & community clean ups
  • Supporting community leaders to develop initiatives
  • Training and upskilling for community leaders
  • Residential environmental projects

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