Community Gardens

The Community Development team, work with and support groups to develop community gardens

Community Gardens South Dublin County Partnership

Cultivating green thumbs

  • Learn how to produce and grow food
  • Learn and try out different foods and flavours!
  • Learn about the seasonality of the garden cycle.
  • Learn environmentally friendly practices to encourage biodiversity.
  • Trial and error of growing different things and learn different ways of doing things.
  • Participate in training skills development workshops

Why Participate?

Community gardens and facilites south dublin county partnership
Community Gardens participation
Community Garden glenshane brookfield south dublin county partnership

The Benefits

  • Provides us with a healthy environment for positive mental and physical health.
  • Participants have a better appreciation of their community and environment.
  • Community gardens are available to people on a tight budget.
  • Participants have the opportunity to communicate with others, work in a team, share and enjoy a healthy environment.
  • It is a natural environment for discussion, sharing and learning about, e.g. ‘how humans relies on the environment to survive?’, ‘what can we do locally to support our environment?’
  • Participants bring their learning home and to the wider community.
  • Support community clean ups in gardens and wider community

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