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Inspiring the Future Ireland (ITFI) is a free, mostly school-based careers education programme. We work to inspire and motivate young people to reach their full potential as they transition from school towards economic independence through many different avenues, such as 3rd level education, apprenticeships, and/or long-term sustainable employment opportunities. ITFI demonstrates a range of career possibilities to young people through positive career role models. Currently our project offers career development workshops, unique work experiences with leading employers, university access events and thematic interactive development events. ITFI is the leading connection between young people and career professionals and has been thoroughly developed to ensure the best opportunities are provided to these young people.

Structured Placements

Young people will get to experience some fantastic roles with some of Ireland’s leading employers, inspiring them to broaden their horizons & motivating them to work towards their goals!

'Meet the Professionals' Career Workshops

Connect with over 500 professionals from all walks of life to learn about their career journey, their day-to-day work and useful advice for breaking into their sector.

Interactive Academic Events

From campus tours to interactive STEM activities, this aspect of the project allows young people to realise their potential & encourages their hobbies and interests to develop into careers for the future.

University Visits

This year we will be offering multiple access events which will include talks, activities and tours around some of Ireland’s wonderful universities. These events will inspire young people to uncover the endless opportunities of many universities, all on their doorstep.

'Find Your Inspiration' Teacher Training & Career Module

Training includes all resources needed to deliver a fun careers module to 5th & 6th class students! This is a one hour long online interactive training session teaching teachers how to deliver this fantastic careers module!


A free service connecting
volunteers from all professions
to give people first hand career insights


Interested in volunteering for one hour of your time a year to inspire young
people to reach their full potential?


Facilitate students work placements within your company & Inspire the next generation in your sector.

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