South Dublin County Partnership is a local development company in South Dublin County, Ireland. We develop and deliver projects to tackle poverty and social exclusion in the area. We do this through working together with people, local groups and partner organisations to address the issues that matter most.

Our work is guided by our mission, vision and values


Working with partner organisations to tackle poverty and social exclusion, focusing on the most vulnerable groups, we will: Create neutral spaces and opportunities for parties to work together on solutions; Initiate, develop and deliver projects; Enable and empower communities; Influence policy and decision making.


That South County Dublin is a place where people of all backgrounds and abilities, can realise their full potential within thriving communities


The South Dublin County Partnership is embedded in the practice of community development, both as an area of work and an approach to engaging with people and groups. Our approaches to this work are underpinned and informed by a strong commitment to social justice and equality and an explicit value-base:

Board Members

The Partnership Board is made up of 17 members, who are representing 4 sectors: Community and voluntary sector, Social partners, Statutory partners, Elected representatives.

Staff teams

    • Senior Management Team
    • Admin & Operations
    • Finance
    • Enterprise & Employment
    • Local Area Employment Service
    • Lifelong learning
    • Children & Families
    • Health & Wellbeing
    • Community Development
    • Placement Programmes


Our work is funded though a range of funders; you can see the logos on our Home page. One of the core funding lines is the Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme (SICAP):

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